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New watercolor class on Tuesdays :)

The Art Parlor has been through many changes this year so far....all good ones! One of the many things is that the award winning illustrator, Jon Messer, started his watercolor class last's every week at 7PM.

Mario is doing portraits while you wait at the studio. He is currently working on a oil painting for a young couple of their wedding photo, a beauitul shot of the love;y couple, they also have possibly the most beautiful baby ever! Mario should be done soon and I will post a pic of it then.

Story Salon is having a special story telling event tonight with four of the most seasoned and amazing tellers. The pic is of Dan Tirman, one of my favorites! Dan is incredible at the delivery of interesting and usually very funny stories.

Cola Smith and Jenn Hedglin are facilitaing a paint party bridal shower tomorrow at the Parlor while I do henna at a 40th birthday nearby in the neighborhood. We are here to promote and inspire local artists and provide a space to make it happen, so please help support the Art Parlor.


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