Henna designs by Merritt.
note: Most pictures are with the henna paste is still on ;)

Merritt hand makes her henna paste with lemon juice, sugar, essential oils and henna, no dyes or chemicals, ever! With artistic talent, incredible speed, and a warm personality, she is a favorite attraction at parties and festivals for young and old alike! Merritt's confidence and a spontaneous approach allows her to encourage each client's creativity and makes every henna design a delightful, unique experience.

"You are a gem, uniquely precious and your smile is the shine! My passion is creating smiles though art."  - Merritt

All henAna artwork on this site  © Merritt Zalon

NOTE: Providing your email will put you on The Art Parlor/Party Henna list only, we will never share or sell your info with anyone. If you have any questions about any workshops, henna services, parties, private appointments, please call 818 468 6005 or text or email merritt@artparlorstudio.com


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