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Mindful Art with Merritt

This "open paint" workshop encourages you all to express yourself through painting, doodling, finger-painting, collage, and much more. 


Life can be stressful! Focusing one's awareness on the present moment is an effective tool in combating stress. Take the time to not worry about tomorrow or re-thinking things you can't change. Be here now. This workshop is here to give you a comfortable, relaxing, safe, place and activities to do just that.


This workshop does not require any experience or artistic ability. We will be exploring the creative process of making art to enhance emotional well-being and reduce stress. There are no mistakes, no judgement, no preconceived notions of the end product, it's all about the process... and having fun doing it :)


Free snacks, bottled water, and professional guidance.

Supplies are provided. You don't need to bring anything, unless you want to :)

Only $25. Supplies included (exceptions may apply)

Mondays at 7 PM and Thursdays 1 PM

Please call Merritt at 818 468-6005 for more info

Studies show that painting may

  • increase ability to regulate emotions

  • lowering stress levels and anxiety

  • ease depression

  • improve sleep

We are grateful for your help in keeping the Art Parlor open for our community. Your kind donation helps keep this workshop affordable and art supplies available for all, Thank you.!

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