the ancient art of henna


Same day appointments possible, but it is recommended that you make an appointment, as we do not have regular studio hours.

(818) 468-6005

The studio is now open for private henna appointments. Your safety and health is a top priority and I want to make sure everyone can be and feel as safe as possible.
• Call or text to book a henna appointment, same day appointments depend on my availability. Please call anytime 818 468-6005.

• There is a sanitation area on premises and everyone is required to sanitize upon entering the studio. There is a sink to wash hands with soap and water, hands MUST be washed with soap and water before receiving henna services.
• You will be required to wear a face mask, a fresh disposable mask will be provided if you need one.
• A clean sterilized henna applicator tip will be used for each person. (it's like cake decorating, and does not touch the skin, just the henna paste does).

I appreciate your support for during these times. Be strong. Be safe. Practice kindness and patience. Show love.            


Bring a friend or a small group! Merritt's Art Parlor is perfect for a fun different group activity. Give us a call or email ahead of time and we will make sure to prepare the studio for your group experience!


Henna artists also available to travel to your party location!


  • Professional, friendly Henna artists available for Parties & Special Events! 

The Art Parlor
The Art Parlor

We bring the art and smiles to your party!

  • Expert freehand henna artwork

  • Professional attire/conduct

  • All-natural fresh henna


The Art Parlor